Opera Hotel is part of Meili Selection Hotels.

We identify with the commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability charta can be found HERE

The initiative «Cause We Care» from the Swiss foundation myclimate gives you the possibility to locally and globally support climate protection with a voluntary contribution. On our part we invest the same amount as you.

A part of the total amount is used to support international climate protection projects. The remaining amount is invested by us in local sustainability measures.

Our Laundry Service

Decide for yourself: We only wash your towels if you leave them in the bath tub/shower or on the floor. The saved money will be used for our climate protection project.

Sustainable & seasonal

Seasonal and regional products are a matter of course. And great value is also placed on processing that is gentle on the product and aromatic.


Gain access to over 7000 international newspapers and magazines using Pressreader, paperless and instantly in many languages. We provide ipads in our restaurant and the entire portfolio is available on


All our electricity is coming from a Swiss hydropower plants and we have an infrastructure that is focused on optimizing energy efficiency. It is comprised of power saving components, such as automatic light switches, power saving lamps or smart cooling devices. And our cooling and heating system are outfitted with a heat recory technology.

Wasser für Wasser

If you choose to drink Zueriwasser in your room or in our restaurant, we will donate a certain amount to the charity «Wasser für Wasser», that has commited itself to providing clean drinking water in Sambia.

We are highly dedicated to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Our efficient reduction of emissions is officially accredited.

"CauseWeCare" from myclimate is a voluntary, customer- and company-based initiative for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism.

You are perfectly safe with us since we meet even the highest of requirements regarding fire protection.

We are official partners of the Grand Tour of Switzerland as well as the E-Grand Tour of Switzerland since 2017.

We were certified as excellent employer from Great Place To Work and therefore, we are one of the best workplaces.

Standing still is not an option for us. Our current plans:

  • Training service team
    We train and sensitize our team in all matters relating to sustainability
  • Renewal employee lounge
  • Better guest information
    We would like to inform our guests even better about how they can reach us by public transport and how they can contribute to sustainability themselves during their stay

Swiss products have a high priority for us. In this way, we can ensure shorter transport routes, protect nature, promote awareness of regional products and support the local economy and thus jobs in our region. Long-term supplier relationships are important to us. We work together with the following regional partners, among others:

We pay attention to the careful use of resources. We take the following measures for our environment:

  • Recycling food waste into biogas or biodiesel
  • Resource-conserving and process-oriented procurement of materials. We pay particular attention to the durability of products
  • Towel change at the request of the guest (If it is in the bathtub or on the floor)
  • Energy consumption is optimized on an ongoing basis. Energy-saving equipment is used for new acquisitions
  • Lamps are continuously replaced with the latest technology
  • Two charging station for electric cars

We are Reka Lunch Check Card partner at THE LOBBY.

As an employer, we recognize our social responsibility. We see the cultural diversity of our employees as a strength. Our contribution:

  • Fair working conditions and employee participation in success
  • We promote a family atmosphere and ensure a good working atmosphere
  • We support education and training
  • Feedback culture with guests and staff. Guests receive a feedback form after each stay
  • We offer a barrier free hotel room in our hotel
  • «Come as you are». All guests from all countries are welcome
  • LGBT friendly

We are certified with the Clean & Safe label of Switzerland Tourism. In addition to the FOPH, tourist service providers take special measures to protect their guests and ensure that they have a pleasant stay in Switzerland.

Preserving the cultural heritage of our region is close to our hearts. The promotion of young talent, especially in the field of tennis, is also important to us. We support the following clubs and events:

We are successfully classified Swisstainable by Switzerland Tourism.

The official certificate can be found HERE.

If you choose to drink Zueriwasser in your room or in our restaurant, we will donate a certain amount to the charity "Wasser fuer Wasser", that has commited itself to providing clean drinking water in Sambia.

We are proud partners of Zürich City Hotels.