What we stand for - is what we stand on

The «Cause We Care» initiative of the Swiss foundation myclimate gives you the opportunity
to promote climate protection locally and globally with a voluntary contribution. 

In return, we as a hotel invest the same amount as you.

Part of the total amount is used to support international carbon offset projects.
We invest the remaining sum in local sustainability measures. 


I care

You book a room with us and make a voluntary small contribution to «Cause We Care». Due to that, all the caused CO2 emissions during your stay will be neutralized.

We care

On our part we invest the exact same amount as you and put both of the contributions into the «Cause We Care» fund.


With the whole amount from the fund, we compensate all the caused emissions from your stay with a water project in Uganda.

Further information on the project. 

At the same time, we invest in internal and local sustainability measures.

Our measures

Our Laundry Service

Decide for yourself: We only wash your towels if you leave them in the bath tub/shower or on the floor. The saved money will be used for our climate protection project.

Sustainability and Seasonal

Seasonal and local products are used as a matter of course. Executive chef David Krüger gathers herbs, berries or mushrooms on a regular basis in nearby nature reserves and handles all produce in expertly manner to preserve their aromas.


Gain access to over 7000 international newspapers and magazines using Pressreader, paperless and instantly in many languages. We provide ipads in our restaurant and the entire portfolio is available on


All our electricity is coming from a Swiss hydropower plants and we have an infrastructure that is focused on optimizing energy efficiency. It is comprised of power saving components, such as automatic light switches, power saving lamps or smart cooling devices. And our cooling and heating system are outfitted with a heat recory technology.

Wasser für Wasser

If you choose to drink Zueriwasser in your room or in our restaurant, we will donate a certain amount to the charity «Wasser für Wasser», that has commited itself to providing clean drinking water in Sambia.
For further information on Wasser für Wasser.